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Predict-a-Bill Advantage

Are you tired of being surprised by your natural gas bill each month?

With Predict-a-Bill there are no more surprises!
Predict-a-Bill is designed to keep your monthly natural gas supply costs the same each month.¹

¹Monthly gas supply price is based on the assumption that your household consumption will not exceed 3300m3 per year. Should this allowance be exceeded, variable supply charges may apply. The monthly gas supply price may be reviewed and adjusted by Tara Energy on an annual basis. Please see Terms and Conditions for details.

Most household services provide you with a fixed monthly bill:

Predict-a-Bill offers:

Protection from harsh Canadian winters.

We typically use more natural gas to heat our homes during the cooler fall and winter months, resulting in higher bills, especially during the holiday season when most of us can least afford them! Predict-a-Bill will help keep your monthly natural gas supply costs the same each month, so you won’t have to worry about spikes in your bill during the holiday season.

Household comfort without compromise.

Your natural gas consumption is largely dependent on your comfort preferences. For example, you use natural gas to take hot showers, heat your food in your oven and keep your home warm throughout the winter. The more natural gas you use, the higher your bill would typically be. That’s not necessarily the case with Predict-a-Bill’s fixed monthly price.²
²The consumption profile is based on a typical residential customer and may not represent your profile.

Protection from price volatility.

Natural gas prices are affected by changes in market supply and demand and these changes can significantly impact your natural gas rates.